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Sonora Big Rig Incident Required Significant Cleanup

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Sonora, CA — An early morning accident in Sonora kept Sonora Police and Fire Department officials busy for a couple of hours.

The PD reports that a big rig truck pulled over on Highway 49 near Pesce Way at around 3:30am and the driver went inside the nearby AM/PM to get a drink. However, when he attempted to return to his route, he backed up, and misjudged the roadway edge, causing the truck to go partially off the embankment, and become stuck.

The PD reports, “Approximately 15 gallons of diesel fuel spilled out of the tractor-trailer as a result of the positioning. Sonora City Fire handled the containment of the diesel spill while two tow companies worked to clear the roadway.”

The cleanup continued until around 6am.

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