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Board Chair Brennan Details COVID-19 Response

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Sonora, CA — The Board Chair of the Tuolumne County Supervisors, Sherri Brennan, says “I want to assure our citizens that your Supervisors are working daily on ways to mitigate and reduce the fears all of us have about our health and our economy.”

She is planning to host a Wednesday meeting at 6:00 PM to be streamed live with key staff to answer questions directly, provide information, and receive information from business owners, on ways she can help.

Brennan’s new blog about the meeting and the local response to the coronavirus pandemic is posted. She notes, “Tuolumne County has a high percentage of vulnerable citizens. I know none of us want to risk the health and safety of any of them in a rush to return to “normal.” To that end I want to remind the public that nonessential traffic is a two-way street, and while we have asked the public to not travel and recreate in Tuolumne County at this time, individuals traveling out of the area to do nonessential shopping or “getaway for the day” is equally problematic.”

Brennan goes on to thank county workers and provides more encouraging words. You can find the blog titled “Covid-19 Challenges” by clicking here.
Brennan’s District 1 includes the City of Sonora, most of Shaw’s Flat, Apple Valley, areas south of Big Hill Road and Phoenix Lake. Most of the commercial retailers are located in District 1.