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Becerra Defends State’s COVID-19 Gathering And Business Restrictions

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Sacramento, CA — California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is defending the state’s ability to restrict what would normally be guaranteed rights and freedoms of people, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Becerra told the Associated Press, “The Constitution remains in place. The Constitution — U.S. and our state constitution — has provisions in it that address emergencies like this. And so I don’t think there’s any doubt that for the protection of people’s, not just their health but their lives, our government must take actions which protect our communities and the individuals in those communities.”

Becerra acknowledged the state is facing several lawsuits over the way health orders are picking winners and losers regarding whom can remain open. The lawsuits range from a group of churches wanting to assemble to gun rights advocates wishing to be able to purchase firearms.

Becerra notes that coronavirus has also shifted the types of crimes his office is focusing in on. A recent priority has been cracking down on price gouging and scams related to COVID-19.