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Californians Challenged to Play A Part In Budget Process

Next-Ten.org is inviting Californians to take the “California Budget Challenge”.

The California Budget Challenge lets create your own state budget for the next 10 years. You call the shots on how much to give to schools, health care, prisons and other areas and also on how to pay for these programs.

The new internet puzzle funded by northern California venture capitalist F. Noel Perry thinks that Californians are not fully informed or engaged enough in the state budget process. He created the California Budget Challenge as a public service to engage more residents in the budget process and to create understanding about the tough choices needed to ensure California is a great place to live now and in the future.

Take the “California Budget Challenge” and see if you can make the types of choices that will create the kind of California you would like to see in ten years by logging onto next-ten.org (an independant, non-partisan organization)

California´s Budget is in now your hands…virtually.