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Tuolumne Recruiting Healthcare Volunteers For Possible COVID-19 Response

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Sonora, CA — Now recruiting emergency healthcare volunteers, Tuolumne County Public Health officials say they are preparing in case specialty sites will be needed to set up in the days ahead.

The call went out Friday, asking for qualified folks to register through the state website to become Disaster Healthcare Volunteers (DHV) to be locally based. With regard to the county’s COVID-19 response, volunteers may be needed in the event it becomes necessary to activate an Alternate Care Site, Family Assistance Center, or Responder Respite Center.

Those who go online to register will be able to have their licenses electronically verified with their appropriate licensing board. If volunteers are needed, TCPH will send an alert to volunteers via email, telephone, and text, which volunteers would then respond with their availability.

Volunteers deployed through DHV will be registered as Tuolumne County Disaster Service Workers, which will provide them if they are working with liability and workers compensation. Healthcare providers interested in registering can click here for more details.

Additional directions once online are to click on the “Register Now” button. Then, be sure to select in the first drop-down box “County Organizations,”then “Select Organization,” and check the box next to “Tuolumne County Unit” and click “Select.

After that, complete the rest of the registration information as completely as possible for TCPH to review and enroll you in DHV upon approval. Anyone with questions should call 533-7401.