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Highway Patrol Lowers Speed Limit On 108

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The California Highway Patrol is warning motorists traveling along highway 108/120 this weekend to slow down.

Authorities say the speed limit from O´Byrnes Ferry Road to the Green Springs Road just above the four-lane split will be lowered from 65 miles-per-hour to 55.

Tom Wills of the CHP says the maximum speed is being lowered for safety reasons. He says several people were not paying attention to the speed limit change prior to the O´ Byrnes ferry intersection and the area has been the site of several accidents and close calls. He adds that there have been safety issues arising from the many gravel trucks on the road that are limited to 55 miles-per-hour, and the passenger cars that were under a 65 mile-an-hour speed limit.

Wills says patrol officers will be watching the area and warning drivers of the speed limit change. He says officers may issue warnings to those who are not exceeding the old 65 mile an hour limit, but motorists going any faster than that will be cited.