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Previous Student Arrested For Threats To Belleview El

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Sonora, CA – A former student at Belleview Elementary has been arrested for making threats against the school, which forced a lockdown on Wednesday morning.

Tuolumne County Sheriff’s spokesperson Nicco Sandelin relays that a male juvenile sent text messages to a current student warning of his intentions to cause harm to the school noting, “They were concerning to this child and this child decided, ‘Hey this is something that the adults probably need to know about.’”

Deputies searched the campus but found nothing suspicious, as earlier reported here. Further investigation revealed that the suspect was in the Santa Rosa area. He was quickly arrested by police there, allowing for the lockdown to be lifted after about an hour.

Sandelin relays that investigators are still waiting on the interview report from Santa Rosa Police regarding the juvenile’s motive. He adds that the exact threats made are not being released as the release of such details could be detrimental to the case. Sandelin explaining, “The problem is that those are very specific details to the case that are going to be necessary for the prosecution. So, when we start releasing very specific evidentiary details to a case you hinder the was the court process works.”

Sheriff’s officials are praising both the student and staff for taking the threats seriously and acting quickly to report it allowing for the best possible outcome.