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I want to report a scam: This man picked me up through Craigs list. I thought it was supposed to be a good place to find a job. Apparently NOT….

I put an ad in the Craigs list, and this man from India sent me an email stating that he needed someone to do some work for him. He sent me money orders to send out to people all over the united states. I was paying bills he said, but they were all the same amounts. 995.00 and it was three at a time in each envelope.

I don’t get though, because there were not papers stating what the money orders were for. For all i know he could have sent something to the people to let them know they were going to get the package. He was telling me to go the the ups, fedex, and usps sites, and putting in the peoples names and addresses, and i was printing out the labels to put on the fedex, ups, and usps delivery envelopes, with three of the money orders inside them all. I asked him about four days later, what did you say you business was?

Boy did he run, because i have not heard from him since. I think this is a good thing, but everyone needs to know this information, because he is a scammer. He should be caught, and put in jail.

He was from India, and he had helpers from Florida, and I am sure there were others in with him.

Can you tell me what else i can do to warn people about this. I have not heard about this type of scam going this way, and these people are very smart how they say this type of thing to get you caught up in it with them.

Detailed answer in this blog the link the the website to report this is here.