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For the Ultimate in Luxury Bathrooms, Stimulate Every Sense

(ARA) – With more homeowners investing in their current property, there is increased interest in luxury upgrades that not only enhance a home’s value, but can be enjoyed on a daily basis. One of the most popular areas to make these upgrades is the bathroom. With advances in design and technology, adding to your bathroom can offer luxurious stimulation for every one of your senses.

TouchFor the ultimate in luxury baths, look for a tub that brings relaxation to the extreme by combining sound and body vibration. The multi-sensory Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bath by Kohler does just that by integrating water, light, sound and vibration to instinctively soothe and relax. Four musical compositions were developed by a renowned sound therapist to promote intense relaxation. By combining warm bathwater with the physical vibrations you’ll create a lavish and personalized whole body experience.

TasteAny posh hotel has a mini-bar full of a variety of drinks and snacks. This luxury convenience has now found its place into bathroom remodels. By having a chilled storage area, you can have your preferred treats right at your fingertips. Homeowners now have easy access to their favorite morning energy drink as they get ready for the day, or, a small snack that they can munch on as they enjoy a relaxing bath. Additionally, cold storage is ideal for extending the life of high-end cosmetics, and maintaining the quality of health and wellness products. And with stylish mini-fridges that can stand alone or be hidden in cabinets, such as those seen in designs from Robern, this addition can integrate easily within any bathroom design.

SightEven the visual design of a bathroom, can add to its calming effects. Today’s designer trends use smooth lines that aren’t only appealing aesthetically, but are a lot easier to keep clean so that your bathroom will always look immaculate. For example, some modern one-piece toilets, like the one from the Fountainhead collection by Kohler, are created to have a bold design that stands out, yet is easy to integrate into any decor.

Some features not always seen, but definitely appreciated are the technological aspects of this toilet. The tankless design is achieved by utilizing Power Lite technology — which uses a quiet electric pump fully enclosed within the toilet bowl. Additional features include a heated seat with a special button to open and close. When the seat is being closed, it automatically initiates flushing. Besides providing superior technology, it uses only 1.28 gallons per flush, providing a savings of about 3,200 gallons of water per year — good for the wallet and the environment.

SmellSome say scents have the power to activate relaxation or awaken sensations within the brain. This is linked to the popularity of aromatherapy. By combining certain scents with the power of steam, aromatherapy can be highly beneficial in the bathroom environment.

Besides decking your bathroom out with candles, oils, potpourri, and other items that release enjoyable scents, it’s best to keep your bathroom clean and fresh, so must and mildew are never a bother. And with today’s automatic cleaning devices, you can have your shower cleaned, your air purified and your floor swept, all while you are gone at work. And there is nothing more inviting than returning to a clean bathroom.

HearingMusic and sound have always been integral parts of our lives and there’s no better place to integrate sound than your bathroom. Long gone are the days of the old plastic shower radio. Today, water-proof radios are available that are as stylish and sleek as the rest of your decor. Luxury showers, like the DTV II from Kohler, empower the user to create a customized water environment while they enjoy superb audio sound. High-performance speakers will have you singing your favorite tune or tuning out your stressful day, whenever you’d like. With today’s modern designs, systems blend seamlessly into your bathroom decor so the only thing you notice is the high quality sound.

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