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Rodeo Clown: A Dangerous, Yet Addicting Job

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Sonora, CA — For those of us that have ever come in contact with an angry bull, our first reaction was to get as far away from it as possible, but not Bert Davis.

The Coppertown Clown lives for his one on one time with angry bulls at rodeos. The Oakdale native has traveled the world as a professional rodeo clown for the past 32 years.

Davis says that although he is from Oakdale, he is proud to call the Mother Lode Round-Up his “home town rodeo.”

Despite neck injuries, broken bones, and a collapsed lung, Davis says he is a thrill seeker and will continue to put himself in harms way for his love of rodeos.

You can see him in action at the Rodeo on Saturday and Sunday starting at 2:00pm.

In the mean time, for all of your Round-Up Information click here.

Written by Sabrina Sabbagh


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