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Cogdill Stops In Sonora To Discuss Education

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Sonora, Ca — 14th District Republican State Senator Dave Cogdill spoke to a group of personnel and school board members at the Tuolumne County Office of Education building Friday morning.

One of the topics was the state budget crunch, and how it will affect education.

“Obviously education is extremely important to the State of California and the people who live here,” says Cogdill. “It is a huge portion of our budget. When talking about the budget crisis and the Governor´s recent edict to all departments to find a 10 percent reduction in spending, that is going to put a lot of pressure on the State of California and the local school districts that rely on the revenue.”

Cogdill says the major challenge will be finding ways to maintain and improve the educational system despite the current financial situation.

Following the meeting, Cogdill also spoke about the current state water discussions and says he is still optimistic there will be a ballot initiative for voters.

“I think ultimately there will be, it is just a matter of what form it will take,” says Cogdill. “Senator Perata has put forth his initiative that we don´t feel goes far enough to meet the need that is out there. We´ve worked closely with the Governor´s Office in putting together language for a competing initiative that I expect will be filed very soon. We will obviously have the Governor´s support, and hopefully Senator Dianne Feinstein and others across the state.”

Written by BJ Hansen