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Tow Truck Drivers Who Helped Save Remmel’s Life Recognized By CHP

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Jamestown, Ca — Leon Vires, one of the two truck drivers who helped save CHP Officer Mike Remmel´s life in January of 2006, was recognized at the Sonora Area CHP Office today.

Remmel lost both of his legs after being struck by a vehicle along Hwy 49 while working an accident scene. It was the quick thinking of the on scene tow truck drivers that helped Remmel live to see another day.

Remmel and CHP Commander Mike Ayala presented a certificate of commendation to Vires. The other driver, Michael Winter, was also issued a certificate, but unable to attend today´s ceremony.

Looking back at the incident, Remmel says words cannot describe how thankful he is for the two. “Mike and Leon were the first two people on scene after I was hit,” says Remmel. “They observed that I was bleeding profusely from both legs, my right foot totally torn off and my left leg crushed.”

“They used a belt from their pants to put a tourniquet on my left leg to stop the bleeding, and used a strap from a camera on my right leg,” adds Remmel. “It stopped me from bleeding to death on the side of the road.”

Vires says he has not forgotten that day along Hwy 49.

“I was just thinking that this has got to be a nightmare, I didn´t know what else to think,” says Vires. “I had no idea it would be this soon that he (Remmel) would be walking around.”

Remmel, who now has two prosthetic legs, has been an inspiration for many in the Mother Lode. He is back working in the CHP Office, and plans to soon return to the streets.

“I´m waiting for one more signature from a doctor that says I´m fit for full duty,” says Remmel. After I get that signature, I will go take the physical agility test for the Highway Patrol to show that I have the ability to do the job, and then I´m going to put that uniform back on and get back in that car.”

Written by BJ Hansen