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Heat Led Tuolumne County To Consider Opening A Cooling Center

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Sonora, Ca — Tuolumne County officials say they have been keeping a close eye on the 100 plus degree temperatures.

“Currently in Tuolumne County there is not a cooling center established,” says County O.E.S. Coordinator Steve Boyack. “If we need to establish a cooling center, it would most likely be at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds.”

Boyack says a cooling center would be opened if they project multiple days of what is considered, “heat emergency” type weather. He notes that temperatures are expected to decline over the next couple of days, with the pattern continuing into the weekend.

In the event that a cooling center be necessary during the Mother Lode Fair, Boyack says it would be located at a different location, possibly a local school.

Boyack says he is staying in daily contact with the State Office of Emergency Services, and monitoring the daily weather conditions. He notes that he is also keeping a close eye on the California Independent System Operator, which gauges the state´s electrical use in comparison with demand.

Written by BJ Hansen