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PHI Air Medical California Helicopter “To The Rescue”

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Columbia, CA — Helicopter rescues are almost a common day occurence in the Mother Lode what with automobile-motorcycle accidents and search and rescue missions.

Should these occur, chances are very good that the injured individual will be serviced by a PHI Air Medical helicopter. Recently PHI Air Medical, which has served the Mother Lode Community for the past five years, placed an A-Star B3 helicopter into service at the Columbia Airport. The copter has a top speed of 155mph. The A-Star B3´s range is 357 nautical miles and it can fly at almost 23,000 feet.

Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, PHI has more than 300 helicopters in its arsenal. Four of those choppers are based in California. In addition to the Mother Lode, PHI has helicopters in Modesto, Redding and Weed.

The air flight crews, on duty 24/365, include pilots, registered emergency nurses and flight paramedics.

For additional information click PHI Air Medical California.

Written by Bill Johnson