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Rattlesnake Bite Sends Murphys Child To Hospital

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Murphys, Ca — A Murphys father had a scary reminder that rattlesnakes are a serious danger this time of year.

Ken Jones´ nine year old son, Cameron, was playing outside at his home near Forrest Meadows on Hwy 4 Sunday afternoon.He emerged from behind the fountain in the garden area of our house and was crying,” says Ken.I asked him what happened, and he said ´a snake bit me.´”

Cameron was taken to Mark Twain Saint Joseph´s Hospital. His hand, wrist and arm began to turn black. Within an hour, Cameron was receiving treatment. Shortly after, he was transferred to the UC DAVIS Medical Center Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit.

“Just this morning they were talking about keeping him for the week, and possibly needing physical therapy,” says Ken.There was also a possibility of amputation if the swelling didn´t recede from his hand.”

As of this afternoon, however, Ken reports that Cameron has had a complete turnaround. He says the discoloration is starting to disappear and the swelling has gone down by 30 percent. The latest word is that Cameron could be released within the next couple of days.

His father says it serves as a good reminder to stay alert this time of year. Ken adds that he was told by a nurse at Mark Twain Saint Joseph´s that they have seen four rattlesnake bite cases in the past few weeks, which is more than usual for this time of year.

Written by BJ Hansen