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Historic Jamestown Jail Arrives At Rocca Park

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Jamestown, Ca — The historic Jamestown Jail is currently being placed on its new foundation in Rocca Park.

“Today´s a magic day, the jail is here,” says committee member Steve Willey. A crew will work in to tonight, and possibly tomorrow morning, to place the two sections on the foundation.

Within the next few weeks, Willey says the roof will be put in place. Roughly 60 percent of the original brick was salvaged and will be put back on the structure by late summer or early fall.

“Hopefully we will be reasonably done sometime around the month of September,” notes Willey.Then we´ll have a party and grand opening, and the Jamestown Promotion Club will have new keys.”

A large contingent of Jamestown area residents and merchants were on hand for today´s arrival. The Jail was scheduled to arrive at 11am, however, there was a delay due to a flat tire on the flatbed truck. It rolled into Rocca Park at 12:15pm.

Written by BJ Hansen