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Actor Robert Conrad Gets Off Probation In Drunken Driving Case

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SAN ANDREAS, Calif. (AP) – Actor Robert Conrad will be released early from the five-year probation term he received after a drunken driving conviction in 2004, authorities said.

Conrad, 72, had pleaded no contest to causing a drunken driving accident on Highway 4 in March 2003.

Kevin Burnett was injured when Conrad´s Jaguar crashed head-on into his car after crossing the center divide on a highway near Arnold. Conrad had a blood-alcohol level of 0.22 percent – nearly three times the state´s legal limit, officers said.

The Calaveras County District Attorney´s Office opposed ending Conrad´s probation, since he had been under probation supervision for less than half the five-year term. But a county judge ruled Monday that supervision was no longer needed.

The actor, who starred in the ´60s TV series “The Wild Wild West,” struggles to walk and has limited motion in his arms from injuries he suffered in the crash.

As part of his original sentence, Conrad also was ordered to pay more than $3,600 in fines and restitution and was banned from visiting bars.