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Save Mart Products Included In Beef Recall

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Sacramento, Ca — If you purchased Moran´s All Natural ground beef at one of the Save Mart Supermarkets in the Mother Lode, and it has a “sell by” date between April 20th and May 7th, it may be part of a recent recall.

The California Department of Health says the beef in question should be returned to the store of purchase due to the fear that it could be contaminated with e-coli.

“Save Mart has posted a consumer notice at the point of sale where the meat case is,” says company spokesperson Alicia Rockwell.On the consumer notice we have listed the meat items from Moran´s that we carry in the store and that would be part of this recall.”

The items have UPC numbers of 34779 60501, 34779 60000, 34779 96000, 34779 91000, 34779 60010, 34779 96194 or 34779 21117.

The recalled ground beef was available in one, three and five pound bags.

Written by BJ Hansen