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Calaveras Adopts Email Policy

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San Andreas, CA — In response to a change in federal law, Calaveras County is revamping the way it tracks electronic communications.

Tuesday the Board of Supervisors adopted a new e-mail policy and called for the training of employees to learn the new rules.

The policy sets up countywide standards for keeping and deleting e-mails.

Assistant County Counsel David Sirias told the board that adhering to the new policy would make it easier for counsel to defend during potential litigation.

He says much of the changes were designed to address destruction of evidence and ease of retrieval issues.

Among other rules, the new policy calls for employees to convert important voicemail messages into written communications.

Although, Supervisor Tom Tryon feared that this would overburden staff with monotonous clerical duties, the resolution passed on a 5-0 vote.

Written by Vanessa Turner.