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TGH Foundation Will Continue Despite Changes At Hospital

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Sonora, Ca — While many services offered at Tuolumne General Hospital will cease on July 1, the same cannot be said for the TGH Foundation.

“It will continue to operate in the same location, however, it is seeking to expand its mission and seek new partners,” say TGH Foundation Executive Director Ann Stanfield.It will continue to operate, staffed by its directors and volunteers.”

The decision was made at a board meeting held Wednesday. Over the past 18 years, the TGH Foundation has provided over $1 million in fundraising and volunteer support to TGH and its affiliates. Currently the foundation provides support for Long Term Care and the Acute Psychiatric Center which will continue in the same location for up to three years.

Stanfield says the Board of Directors will consider whether to change the name of the foundation. The change would be to more fully encompass the new scope of the health care foundation.

Written by BJ Hansen