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“Sensitive Needs” Inmates Will Soon Arrive At Sierra Conservation Center

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Jamestown, Ca — 1,200-1,400 general population prisoners in the Level Three Unit of Sierra Conservation Center will soon be moved out and replaced withsensitive needs” inmates.

SCC Warden Ivan Clay says an individual who qualifies assensitive needs” istypically a person who has great debts or particular crimes against other people that are very unpopular with the inmate population.”

Clay acknowledges that often timessensitive needs” inmates are sex offenders or those who have dropped out of a prison gang and feel they need extra protection.

“A lot of those guys cannot live in a regular main line setting,” says Clay.That population has grown by leaps and bounds in our Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in the last several years.”

Clay says a gradual transition will begin next month. The firstsensitive needs” inmates are scheduled to arrive on June 25th.

Written by BJ Hansen