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Embattled C.S.U. Presidents Gain Trustees Support

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Sacramento, CA — Embattled campus presidents in the California State University system have received a thumbs-up from their board, while leaders of the University of California faced questions on their pension dealings.

C.S.U. trustees came to the defense of two presidents in the 23-campus system: Alexander Gonzalez at Sacramento State and Ruben Arminana at Sonoma State. Faculty members had recently questioned Gonzalez´ financial decisions, saying he hasn´t paid enough attention to academic affairs. Sonoma State faculty members have questioned Arminana´s funding priorities. But C.S.U. Board Chair Roberta Achtenberg said both men are “effective and engaged leaders” and they have the trustees´ support.

For U.C. regents meeting in San Francisco, pensions were the major issue with critics questioning how the system is handling its funds. U.C. plans to restart employer and employee contributions to the pension plan, something that hasn´t been necessary for several years because the pension fund had been doing so well.


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