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Water Restrictions Implemented Across Mother Lode

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Sonora, Ca — The recent lack of rainfall has forced local water districts to promote conservation.

Tuolumne Utilities District General Manager Pete Kampa says residents are being asked to voluntarily cut back usage this spring and summer.We want to deliver 20% less water this year than in past years,” says Kampa.The reason that we established that goal is that we feel it is a conservative number that the public can meet on a voluntary basis, and it will make sure that we have an adequate amount of water to get us through the fall and into hopefully a wet winter.”

Kampa says customers should restrain from watering outside between 12-7pm. If individuals have an address that ends in an even number, watering is limited to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Odd numbered addresses are permitted to irrigate on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Monday is open to anyone.

Kampa adds that restaurants have been asked to serve water only on request. Industrial and other commercial customers will have water audits conducted to locate ways to conserve.

If the district is not meeting the twenty percent goal, Kampa says the restrictions could become mandatory. This could lead to higher rates and possible monetary penalties.

At the Calaveras County Water District, Director of Administrative Services Patricia Emerson says a voluntary conservation effort has also been implemented. While there is not a specific percentage it hopes to reduce usage by, the district is asking odd numbered addresses to water only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and even addresses on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Groveland Community Services District General Manager Jim Goodrich says,Because we take water from the Hetch Hetchy System owned by the City of San Francisco, we are following their lead and asking our customers to do a 10% reduction.” Goodrich says the customers have been sent a list of recommendations that include taking shorter showers and installing low flow toilets.

Written by BJ Hansen