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Willow Springs Resident Spots Bear In Driveway

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Soulsbyville, Ca –I´ve been here for 27 years, and I had not seen a bear in this subdivision yet,” says Willow Springs resident Ed Voorhees.

Voorhees, who lives in Stevens Ct., says he was awoken early this morning by a sound coming from below his window. Standing next to a garbage can in his driveway was a brown bear which he says was approximately 3ft. tall, and weighed an estimated 200 lbs.

Voorhees says,I opened the window and yelled at him, and he didn´t seem to be too concerned. He just kind of looked around and tore open another bag.” Voorhees then began knocking on the wall and window. He says the bear eventually proceeded to walk along the side of his residence and over towards a neighbor´s house. Voorhees says he has not spotted the bear since.

Written by BJ Hansen