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Two Options Looked At For Widening Of Mono Way

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Sonora, Ca — Two separate alternatives for the widening of Mono Way were discussed by the Tuolumne County Transportation Council this evening.

The project will be a joint effort between the City of Sonora and Tuolumne County. It will create a five lane stretch between Fir Dr. and the Timberhills Shopping Center.

The first proposal would require the acquisition of four structures along the south side of Mono Way. The second alternative would have more of an impact on property owners to the north of Mono Way, but would not require the acquisition of structures housing businesses in that area. One of the individuals heading up the project is Sonora City Engineer Gerry Fuccillo. Speaking on the second alternative, Fuccillo says,There´s less developed property that would have to be taken. It has to be the more economical solution to the problem and that´s what my preference is.”

The Council was not formally asked to take a position on either alternative this evening. Following the meeting, Council Executive Director Peter Rei said he expects the group to take a position at its meeting next month.Once that happens, the next step will most likely be a project study report which defines schedule, cost, and scope,” says Rei. “That would lead into an environmental process and formal design.” Rei says optimistically, the entire process will take about two years. Depending on what issues may arise, he says it could be three of four years.

Regardless of which alternative is selected, Rei says the project will be funded through traffic mitigation fees which are collected on development in the city and the county.

Written by BJ Hansen