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San Jose School Helps Habitat For Humanity of Tuolumne County

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Tuolumne, CA — A group of students from the Ida Price Middle School in San Jose are doing what they can to help the Tuolumne County Chapter of Habitat For Humanity.

Chapter Office Manager Betsey Harden says the story began when the students picked Habitat as the beneficiary of a fund-raiser, but had not decided on an affiliate. One of the teachers heard about a project near Sonora through a relative, and it was decided that it would be a good fit. The students have been collecting cans and bottles that are being turned in for money. Teachers at the school are supporting the idea by keeping containers in the classroom and the teachers lounge. So far, the students have raised over $700, and are well on their way toward the goal of $800.

Next week, the students will be making a field trip to the Mother Lode. Harden says,They will be up next Wednesday.” She adds,They had requested that they be able to meet the people that are building the house, the family partners, and some of the Board of Directors.” The house is located in Ponderosa Hills at 20443 Canyon View Dr. It will be owned by Denice McKenzie and her three girls.

Written by BJ Hansen