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Sonora Union High School Bus Schedule

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Sonora, CA — Sonora Union High School utilizes the following Snow and Ice Bus Schedules:

Big Hill/ Cedar Ridge

No pick up at Awahanee

No pick up at Oxbow North

Meet the bus at Broken Pine or East Brookside.

Big Hill/ Quail Mine

Meet the bus at the covered bus stop at Saw Mill Flat Rd.

Italian Bar Rd at Experimental Mine

Meet the bus at Jackson St at the Old Post Office

Phoenix Lake Estates

Pick up and Drop off in Estates at the Tennis Courts only

Scenic Brook

No pick up at Meadowbrook

Meet the bus at the Burger King stop

Sonora Meadows/Crystal Falls

No Upper Creekside at Sallander

Meet the bus at Lower Sallander

No American River Drive at Yuba River

No American River at the Tennis Courts

Meet the bus at 16830 American River West or at Crystal Falls Stables

These changes to the bus schedule are to ensure the safety of both students and buses during icy or snowy conditions.