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Senator Cogdill Fights To Remove Methamphetamine Problems

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Sacramento, CA– Senator Dave Cogdill is pushing hard to remove the problem of methamphetamine out of the Central Valley and rural California.

Thursday, he announced the introduction of Senate Bills 591 and 592. Senate Bill 591 would change the possession of methamphetamine from a simple misdemeanor to a felony carrying the punishment of imprisonment in a state facility.

Senate Bill 592 proposes creating a new fund within the Illegal Drug Lab Cleanup Account to assist land owners in paying the costs for the removal of methamphetamine by- products illegally dumped on their property.

Cogdill says,Methamphetamine use has grown exponentially over the last few years. Senate Bills 591 and 592 will aid this effort by creating a harsher penalty for those who simply posses meth and by providing assistance to those who suffer the consequences of the dumping of meth by-products on their land.”

Written by Alisha Cruz


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