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Students Witness Jamestown Drug Arrest

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Jamestown, CA — On Friday afternoon Tuolumne County Sheriff´s Deputy Brandon Lowry pulled over a vehicle in front of Jamestown Elementary School.

While the deputy was talking on the radio to dispatch, a passenger, 31 year old Ian Colin Hay, threw a glass pipe in the direction of the school. Students were standing in the area and witnessed the activity.

A small amount of methamphetamine residue was found inside the pipe. Because both Hay and the driver were on active parole, the deputy handcuffed them. Hay was then put in the back seat of the patrol car.

Later, it was noticed that Hay had moved the handcuffs to the front of his body, and was fumbling inside of his pants. It is alleged that Hay was looking for additional contraband.

Deputies took Hay out of the car and placed additional restraints on him. They did not find the item the suspect was looking for in his pants. He was taken to, and remains in, Tuolumne County Jail. The driver was released.

Written by BJ Hansen