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Recycling The Christmas Tree

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Sonora, Ca — With New Years and Christmas now in the rearview mirror, more and more people will now look to get rid of their old Christmas tree.

Carol Jackson with Tuolumne County Solid Waste says there are things that people should keep in mind. Jackson saysPeople have a tendency to cut them up and put them in their fireplace, which is very dangerous. Most Christmas trees have quite a bit of sap in them, so they become a real fire hazard.”

Jackson adds that burning trees out in the open also creates quite a little air pollution, so keeping that to a minimum is a good thing.

She says there are some good ways to recycle trees. She notes that trash collectors will pick them up on regular collection days. The trees do, however, need to be clear of all tinsel, nails and other decorations. The tree should be cut into lengths of four feet or less, bundled, and weigh less than 60 lbs.

Residents are also able to drop off whole trees at the Cal Sierra Earth Recycle Facility in Sonora.

Written by BJ Hansen