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Supervisor Appointment Delayed

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San Andreas, CA — Elected officials were appointed to their respective offices today in Calaveras County, all expect for one top leader who will have to wait until next week to take office.

Supervisor elect Russ Thomas was all set to be sworn in and take his seat as supervisor for District 5.

However, it was discovered that the law says newly elected officials cannot take office until noon on the first Monday after the first of the year.

Due to the holiday, Calaveras County Counsel says that means next Monday afternoon Thomas can take his seat.

During Tuesday´s Board of Supervisors meeting, Thomas was sworn in and took his seat with the board but could not speak or vote on any items.

Thomas says he is disappointed. He says he got all dressed up but his hands are tied.

Several items on the agenda had to be postponed to allow Thomas to vote on them.

Written by Vanessa Turner.