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New Year Brings New Traffic Laws

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Sonora, Ca — As the calendar turns over to 2007, it means a number of new laws go into effect today.

Included are laws that crack down on unsafe drivers. There are now stiffer penalties for drivers who willfully flee or attempt to evade a peace officer, and tougher consequences for moving violations that result in a collision and cause bodily injury.

CHP Officer Tom Wills says the state is also making an attempt to cut down on underage drinkers who decide to get behind the wheel. He notes there is now a zero tolerance policy in the state of California for anyone under 21.

Wills says that previously people under 21 were allowed to blow up to a 0.04 on a breathalyzer.

Also established, are penalties for drivers who allow an individual to ride in the trunk of their vehicle, and penalties for the rider. The fine is $100 for a first violation, and $200 for a second.

Written by BJ Hansen