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Community Responds To Ayala Family Needs Following Fire

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Murphys, CA — It was Monday evening during the dinner hour that the Ayala Family home at 2595 Murphys Grade Rd. burned to the ground.

Fortunately none of the family members were injured but all personal property was destroyed.

In another typical Mother Lode story, the community has responded in an overwhelming fashion. Bret Harte High School Assistant Principal Kelly Osborn says between 35-40 bags of clothing have already been donated for the family.

Through Wednesday $2,465 has been collected for the family´s needs. $375 was raised at the Bret Harte High School Football Banquet Wednesday evening. Osborn adds that the mother was in tears Wednesday when she learned of the community´s support.

An anonymous woman has offered the Ayalas a three bedroom residence for the next three to four months. The family is expected to move into their temporary home today. The destroyed home had but two bedrooms.

Osborn says he is touched for two reasons. One, the generosity of the commuity and two, the fact that race has not been a factor in the outpouring of support for the Hispanic family. Stated Osborn, “Race has not mattered … it hasn´t come into play and that´s really cool.”

Written by Bill Johnson