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Congressional Candidates Debate In Angels Camp

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Angels Camp, Ca — 3rd District Republican Congressman Dan Lungren and Democratic challenger Bill Durston showed a sharp contrast in views on the war, healthcare and the economy during Wednesday evening´s debate at Bret Harte High School in Angels Camp.

Durston questioned Lungren´s recent vote in favor of the $700 plus billion economic bailout package, saying that it was misguided legislation. Lungren responded by saying that while there were items in the package he was not entirely in favor of, the cost of doing nothing would have been a far greater risk to the economy.

On the issue of the war in Iraq, Lungren praised the successful surge led by General Petraeus, and said that Durston´s proposals for troop withdrawl are ?more liberal? than Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Lungren said that Durston is in favor of cutting off funding for troops overseas, and that would be detrimental to the cause of “winning the war.” Meanwhile, Durston cited the war in Iraq as the reason that the economy is in peril, and said that the war was started under, ?false pretenses.?

Lungren praised Presidential Candidate John McCain´s healthcare plan that would give up to a $5,000 tax credit to offset the costs of care. Durston stated that he is in favor of a universal system, similar to many other western countries.

The debate was hosted by the Calaveras Enterprise and moderated by publisher Ralph Alldredge.

Written by BJ Hansen