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Local Agencies Desperately Await State Budget Approval

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Sonora, Ca — The failure of California lawmakers to approve a new fiscal budget has had a trickle down effect on numerous local non-profit agencies.

?We have a number of local agencies that generally provide things like Meals on Wheels, help with air conditioning bills, gas, etc, but they have not been paid since July 1.? says 3rd District Board of Supervisor Teri Murrison. ?They´ve been stretching their resources, trying to be creative, and borrowing, but it is coming to the time when they will no longer be able to do that.?

Besides the lack of funding currently coming from the State, agencies are also preparing for the possibility of cuts due to the $15 billion shortfall.

Local agencies currently being affected include Area 12 Agency on Aging, ATCAA, Family Resource Center, In Home Supportive Services, MAAC Health Centers, Job Connection, WATCH, Mother Lode Job Training, Sierra Foothills Senior Management, Mountain Women´s Resource Center, Disability Resource Agency for Independent Living, First Five Commission, Infant Child Enrichment Services, food banks and the County Office of Education.

Many of the agencies programs may be drastically reduced or eliminated all together if a budget isn´t approved shortly. Thursday, September 18, marks the 80th day that lawmakers have failed pass a spending plan.

Written by BJ Hansen