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Five Finalists Selected For Kennedy Meadows Property

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Sonora, Ca — 16 groups submitted applications to the Stewardship Council hoping to take ownership of the property that currently houses the Kennedy Meadows Resort, and the list has now been dwindled down to five.

They include Mother Lode Land Trust, Tuolumne County, Tuolumne Me-Wuk Tribe, Tuolumne County Resource Conservation District and the U.S. Forest Service.

Stewardship Council Land Conservation Manager Mary Adelzadeh says that the finalists will receive around 90 days to submit a written proposal, with a final decision expected to come in late January.

?We want them to demonstrate that their organization, commission, or program activities are consistent with preserving or enhancing the beneficial public value of the land,? says Adelzadeh. ?We are going ask them to outline what kind of enhancements they are going to be doing on the property, and how the values of the property are going to be protected.?

Adelzadeh says it is also important that the group has strong partnerships, community support and experience in either land management or holding a conservation easement.

The land is currently owned by PG&E, however, the company was forced to donate it for public use as a result of a bankruptcy agreement.

Written by BJ Hansen