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Slow Food In The Motherlode Is Picking Up Speed

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The nation´s first ever “Slow Food” Festival will take place this Labor Day Weekend in San Francisco. But what is “Slow Food”?

Eric Davis, owner of Diamond Back Grill Restaurant in Sonora, was KVML´s Thursday Newsmaker.

Davis explained, “Slow Food, in a simplified definition, is the opposite of fast food. Serving fresh, seasonal and locally produced food is what the Slow Food movement is all about.”

Davis is enthusiastic regarding local acceptance of slow food.

Davis says, “For a small community like ours, our Farmers Market is more than just credible, it´s extraordinary. There is a bit of a learning curve because really good quality and responsible food is going to cost a bit more than the unrealistically cheap processed food that we´ve become used to.”

Davis implements slow food as much as possible at the Diamondback Grill by supporting numerous local growers of food. Slow Food flyers containing more information can be found inside of the restaurant located on Washington Street.

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Written by Mark Truppner