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Carder Sentenced In Holt Death

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Sonora, CA — Groveland´s Grace Elizabeth Carder has been sentenced to five days in the County Jail and a five year probationary period which will include treatment through the MIOCR program.

Carder was found guilty of theft of a controlled substance (methadone) from a cancer patient Marilyn Christine Owen. She then provided Clinton Holt with the methodone. Holt´s ingestion of the methodone with alcohol (he had a .16 blood alcohol content … twice the legal limit) was the cause of his death in August of 2007.

According to District Attorney Donald Segerstrom the court found that Carder could not be tried for manslaughter or murder because she did not administer the drug to Holt. It was determined that he voluntarily ingested the methadone.

The MIOCR (Mental Illness Offender Crime Reduction) Grant has been designed to treat the mentally ill with intensive psychological supervision. The purpose is to prevent patients from becoming repeat offenders.

Written by Bill Johnson