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Jamestown Residents Arrested On Burglary And Check Forgery Charges

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Sonora, CA — Three Jamestown residents were arrested Thursday by the Tuolumne County Sheriff´s deputies and charged with burglary, check forgery, attempting to cash a stolen check and possession of prescription drugs.

Thursday morning at approximately 11:15 deputies responded to a call at the Jamestown branch of Umpqua Bank. While in route to the bank deputies discovered 23 year old Jennifer Danielle Richter, 22 year old Buddy Issac Taylor and 18 year old Jeremy Russel Barrineau.

The bank manager told deputies a check the three attempted to cash appeared to be forged because the signature failed to match the bank´s card file. Deputies than contacted the bank´s client who stated that some of his checks had been stolen on Wednesday. Taylor was in the residence at the time of the burglary.

Taylor was arrested for burglary and for attempting to cash one of the checks. Richter was arrested for trying to pass a forged check. Barrineau was arrested for being in possession of several different type of prescription pills.

Taylor and Richter are being held on $50,000 bail each.

Written by Bill Johnson