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T.U.D. Prepares For Weekend Winter Blast

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Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne Utilities District continues to prepare itself for the winter blast expected this weekend in the Mother Lode.

Operations Manager Leonard Mauro states that T.U.D. is testing all emergency generators and inspecting the entire ditch system.

The ditch system is very susceptible to extreme fluctuations in flows during heavy rain and wind. During such storms the system can potentially suffer catastrophic failure caused by falling trees, limbs, rocks and even snow and ice accumuation.

Mauro encourages the property owners along the ditch system to contact T.U.D. in the event of any downed trees that may be causing an overflow. Although T.U.D. will have all available personnel on patrol of the system, it is impossible to continuously to inspect the entire system around the clock for several days.

The T.U.D. contact number is 532-5536.

Written by Bill Johnson