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Snowpack Levels Are Up In Sierra Nevada

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Sacramento, Ca — The Department of Water Resources conducted its second snowpack measurement today in the Sierra Nevada, and it brought some positive results.

Spokesperson Don Strickland says four areas in the Sierra Nevada were measured, and the snowfall total was between 115-123% of normal for this time of the year.

The numbers are a far cry from last year when the total was around 37%.

“Basically it is looking good,” says Strickland. “If things continue as they have this month, we should be in pretty good shape.”

Strickland points out that it is still a long way from spring, and the percentages could fall if temperatures rise considerably or the precipitation level takes a dive over the next few months.

Surveys are conducted monthly between January and May. Strickland says that the most telling survey typically comes in April.

Written by BJ Hansen