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Adult School A Bright Light At Sierra Conservation Center

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Jamestown, CA — There´s a bright light at the Sierra Conservation Center known as the Adult School.

According to Donna Seifert, the Supervisor of Correctional Education Programs at the prison, the mission of the Adult School is to provide academic, vocational and life skills programs to promote rehabilitation and empower students to become responsible, productive, contributing citizens once they leave Jamestown.

Expected results include competency in reading, language and math skills along with basis life skills and their applications. Students are also expected to acquire marketable employment skills through competency-based vocational and academic programs.

In addition to a basic education, the S.C.C. Adult School boasts educational programs in auto mechanics, auto body, carpentry, landscaping, masonry, cabinet making and welding. There is a three-week Pre-Release program to help inmates prepare for a successful transition from incarceration to a productive life outside the prison.

38 year old Aldo Franco still has two years remaining on his sentence for drug possession. At the same time, the Guadalajara, Mexico native is a teacher´s aide. He readily admits this is the first time in his life that he has been empowered to help others rather than himself. He states that he may teach when he returns to his home in Mexico following his release.

30 year old Steven Paul Alesci has already served almost five years of his sentence. He still has six years remaining on a first degree burglary charge in Placer County. Alesci admits that he was raised in a drug oriented environment. Since coming to prison he has renounced drugs with a bent on learning because learning is what life is all about. Alesci is working toward an Associate of Arts Degree from Coastline Community College based in Fountain Valley, CA. While his career path is currently uncertain, Alesci has demonstrated a definite interest in architecture.

Written by Bill Johnson