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Fee Increases At State Parks A Possibility As Budget Deficit Grows

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Sacramento, Ca — The latest estimate from officials at the State Capital is that California´s budget deficit for the fiscal year beginning July 1st will be $14 billion.

Senate Republican leader Dave Cogdill says the goal is to cut wasteful spending and add additional revenue, without raising taxes.

One proposal that is a possibility, however, is to raise entrance fees to places such as state parks. There has not been an increase in park fees for many years, and officials say the cost to keep the parks running has been on the rise.

“If the option is to add another dollar to admission fees at parks, versus closing them, I think that is a no-brainer,” says Cogdill. I don´t think anyone wants to close those parks.”

Cogdill says Republicans are looking at other alternatives to increasing fees, such as relaxing the requirements for volunteers. By having more volunteers help with things such as maintenance, it could reduce some of the costs of running the state parks.

Written by BJ Hansen