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Diane Anderson Found Guilty Of Being Accessory To Vehicular Manslaughter

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Stockton, CA — A jury has found Diane Anderson, wife of local physician Danny Anderson, guilty to being an accessory to vehicular manslaughter.

We reported in January that a jury had found Dr. Anderson guilty of illegally passing over double yellow lines and causing a triple fatal crash in October of 2016. The trial of his wife was held over the past week at the San Joaquin County Courthouse in Stockton because her attorney had requested a change of venue out of Tuolumne County.

Tuolumne County District Attorney Laura Krieg tells Clarke Broadcasting, “Diane Anderson was convicted of all counts by a San Joaquin jury. The jury also had to find Danny Anderson had committed vehicular manslaughter before finding that Diane was an accessory. They found that he was responsible and also found her guilty of all four counts.”

Krieg adds, “We thank the jury for their careful deliberations and for justice for the victims and their families. The Anderson’s reckless behavior cost three lives and injured others. The juries heard all the evidence and have found them both guilty.”

Diane Anderson could face over four years in prison and will be sentenced in October.