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Boyce Settling In As New Calaveras CAO

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San Andreas, CA — Give her a call and you’ll hear Jeanne Boyce answer by saying, Interim CAO Jeanne Boyce, but she is anything but “interim” as she is now the full time replacement for Bob Lawton.

On her adjustment to her new surroundings, “I’ve just been meeting with people and getting reacquainted with people both here in the public sector and our work force and also our business community. It’s just been a pleasure to meet new faces but also to reacquaint myself with some old friends that I’ve worked with for years. I think it starts there with building relationships and communication.”

On the state’s continual practice of “robbing Peter to pay Paul” Ms. Boyce comments, “It certainly seems to be the trend but this new year I certainly hope that we get to see some of the red tape being eliminated and some of the underfunded mandates go away because local government can’t continue in this vain.”

On her Christmas wish list, “I would like to see jobs for everyone who is looking for work and to see our economy grow stronger.”

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