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Teens Busted With Drugs On Toyon Middle School Campus

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San Andreas, CA — In the space of two days last week nine Toyon Middle School students were arrested on drug related charges.

According to Sgt. Dave Seawell from the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department, “Investigators and school administrators responded to a tip there were students in possession of methadone. (Methadone is a synthetic narcotic drug similar to morphine but less habit-forming and used in narcotic detoxification and maintenance of heroin addiction).

After receiving information from a school employee investigators interviewed students believed to be involved in the case. Subsequent searches of the students revealed they were in possession of vicodin.

Based on interviews investigators believe most of the controlled substances were given away at the school but in some cases may have been sold. Investigators believe the illegal activity had been going on for the past two weeks.

Investigators seized 19 vicodin pills during the investigation and evidence that 20 methadone pills had been distributed was also revealed. Investigators are still following up leads as to the source of the controlled substances.

Six of the students were charged with possession for sale of a controlled substance and conspiracy and turned over to the Probation Department. Three of the remaining students were charged with possession of a controlled substance. They were cited and released to their parents.”

From Calaveras Unified School District Superintendent Mark Campbell, “Fortunately we had several students tell us what was going on. As the day progressed more and more students came forth to divulge still more information. Even now we’re getting information from students as to where the narcotics were hidden on campus.

The school district is not naive enough to think its students are immune from the drug problem that plagues society and is proactively attempting to identify and help those students most at risk.

The school district will continue to work hand in hand with law enforcement and social services to provide our children with a safe and healthy learning environment. We are focused on working with everyone in the community to effectively address the issues involved.

The students involved in this incident will have severe and appropriate consequences for their decisions as well as any support necessary to rehabilitate.

We also have to collectively work on educating our parents/students as to the dangers of prescription drugs and the need to work together in a proactive manner to protect our kids.”

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