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Governor Touts Additional Community College Funding

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Sacramento, CA — Governor Gavin Newsom is spending time this week promoting a piece of the recently approved state budget that will spend $42-million on waivers to fund the first two years of community college for many first-time students.

The California Community College system has around 2.1-million students, and the Governor estimates that around 33,000 students, who meet financial and other requirements, will receive the free tuition under the newly expanded program.

Newsom says, “No one can argue with the fact that the full cost of attending institutions of higher learning is still far too high – both in California and across the country. But by offering two years of community college tuition-free, California is taking a meaningful step toward chipping away at the cost of higher learning for students and their families.”

The Governor also notes that the new budget allocates $9-million for college students that are homeless and $5-million to support Veteran resource centers.