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Watch Out For Students

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Sonora, CA — Mother Lode Schools are once again back in session and the CHP reminds drivers to slow down in school zones as officers are targeting crosswalks on their patrols.

In fact, just yesterday (Friday, August 23) morning Sonora unit CHP officers were parked outside several area schools keeping an eye on traffic in school zones. CHP officer Steve Machado cautions drivers to pay close attention when younger students are around and be alert to the fact they may unexpectedly dart into the roadway.

Machado reminds drivers, “It is not worth the cost to go through that school zone to save seconds in your commute time. It’s unsafe and it does potentially put the lives of students at risk.”

When traveling in the marked zone, pictures of signage is in the image box, motorists must slow down to 25 mph, especially when students are present. Not doing so could be costly, as Machado advises, “You could get a citation up to $200 and also if you are found guilty you will have a point on your record, which then would be court costs and possibly result in higher insurance rates. Also, If you choose to do traffic school there are fees that go with that as well.”

Students are also reminded to make sure to use the crosswalk for safety, as pedestrians always have the right of way while in them.

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