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Sonora Hosts Health Care Reform Rally

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Sonora, CA — A dozen or so Mother Lode residents took part in a Court House Park rally this afternoon calling for health care reform.

Beth Hatcher served as the event organizer. She commented, "We’re telling the government that we need to have better health care now for more people. The insurance companies are only in it for the profit pure and simple and because of that they’re always looking at the bottom line, not our health care position in the area.

We are in a very bad situation internationally in terms of our birth rates, our death rates, and in terms of life expectancy. These are all things that could be fixed with a more effective health care system."

Asked if she had a "fix it" plan, Ms. Hatcher added, "I leave that to more educated people than myself but I think it has something to do with cleaning up the health care insurance industry and that could be done with closer regulations even including them in the anti-trust regulations would be very helpful because right now health care insurance companies are exempt from the anti-trust laws and that’s why we have a very, very few large and powerful insurance companies. They get together and set the rules and that leaves a lot of us out in the cold."

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