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Law And Justice Center To Top Supervisors Agenda

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Sonora, CA — While the Tuolumne County supervisors meeting will be getting underway at nine o’clock this morning the top priority of the day will be certification of the Law and Justice Center E.I.R. and a public hearing regarding the multi-year project.

Board Chair Teri Murrison admits, “It would be way beyond our capacity to accomplish our goal at once or even in big chunks. I think it’s important to remain focused on what we can afford and only try to accomplish what we have the money to do.”

Fifth District Supervisor Dick Pland, “This is definitely a long term project. It’ll probably take 20-25 years for the complete build out maybe even longer. The first priority, and we do have the money from the state, is the $16 million we have for the Juvenile Detention Facility, but we need to have the land before we get the grant. The jail project would be next and then so on down the line.”

The Law and Justice Center issue will be addressed at 1:30 following the 90 minute lunch break.

At nine o’clock click SUPERVISORS MEETING for the live audio stream of today’s meeting brought to you by Blue Mountain Minerals.

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